Road Trip: Hamvention 2024

Dayton Hamvention is coming up May 17-18th and I will be attending this year after having gotten my ticket during Orlando HamCation.

Since getting my license in 2022 I have not made the trip to Dayton for Hamvention, but it has been on my TODO list. While working HamCation back in February I had purchased additional hourly prize tickets and was surprised by winning my ticket for this years event.

I will be heading out on my road trip sometime Thursday the 16th and arriving in Dayton on Friday. I don’t have any concrete plans for the trip itself by do plan to bring my radio gear along so I may stop for some POTA activations along the way if I can identify some parks not too far off my path.

While at Hamvention I will be hanging out and helping with the Orlando HamCation booth along with some of the other committee chairmen who are planning on driving up separately as well.

May 30, 2024 May 14, 2024
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