After Action: Before the Storm

Spent the day with others from Osceola County ARES manning the booth at the Kissimmee Civic Center on May 20th, 2023.

Joined by just over a half dozen fellow ham radio operators that make up the Osceola County ARES group, we manned the booth and talked with community members that came to get information on hurricane preparedness as we fast approached the start of hurricane season here in Central Florida.

We had leaders from the Osceola County Emergency Management that ARES works to support as well as other local community leaders like Osceola County Sheriff Lopez stop by and speak with us as well as WESH 2 personnel. We also had a reporter and photographer for the Orlando Sentinel stop by the booth to speak with us about what we provide our community and what people can do to prepare. Being a bit of a people person and an extrovert my peers did volunteer me to be the one to speak with them. Cristobal got some of what was said incorrect, but the point was getting the word out.

I was also able to take some time myself to look around and speak with some of the other organizations setup inside the civic center but didn’t get a chance to go outside to check out some of the big emergency equipment on display.

Osceola County ARES is looking for ham radio operators that are looking to make a commitment to support their community and be active contributors.

May 30, 2024 May 20, 2023
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