Parks On The Air

Like for many ham operators, POTA is a great way to practice our skills as radio operators. For me this is no exception.

I began working POTA as a hunter using remote HF stations through RHR. So my initial hunting was done primarialy from grids FN51 and FN54, but also a few contacts made from FN31 and EM73. Due the airtime costs I limited myself to FT8 digital mode which made for quicker contacts.

I have my HF rig (FT-991A) and have picked up hunting from my QTH,in grid EL98. I have also recently acquired a Bioenno LiFePO4 battery so I am no longer dependent on the Alinco 30A switching power supply and have begun activating parks. I operate with a couple of different vertical antennas that are portable and quick to set up. I still operate mostly digital (FT8 and FT4) while still doing some SSB.

Here below you can see my POTA stats or you can go check out my profile directly, or my achievement certificates.

May 30, 2024 May 7, 2023
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